My new book. Out soon.


G’day folks,

I’ve recently begun working on my 50% completed book. I am very proud of it so far, it absolutely ignites me with passion when I read the extraordinary rhetoric I have placed in my own words. I hope that my followers enjoy it, and I hope that it is read by millIons of people all over the world. It provides a decisive and detailed explanation of race and European racial history, and the Jews. As you know, my most loyal followers will get autographed copies for free, you all know who you are. I love you.



Blue Eyes

imageBlue eyes are an astounding natural biological feature. It’s incredible to think that nature has given this unique and bizarre biological attribute to Nordic man. What makes it even more interesting is that this natural feature of Nordic man is usually associated with naturally blonde hair. Features that I naturally both posesses.

Nordic bloodlines throughout the world.


Some nords have black hair, but they all have blue eyes, like my dad, his eyes are so blue it defies belief.

All Nordic bloodlines originate in Scandinavia, but due to the British empire, Nordic blood has been spawned as far south as Australia and as far west as North America. Blue eyes are the most central element of the Nordic race, and they come in all sorts of hues. My eyes are extraordinarily light blue, like my mother has. My father has dark blue eyes, but when he was a young man they where light blue. A person cannot be Nordic unless they have light eyes.

Working in far north Australia, I became very familiar with the aboriginal people of that area, they are not like us, they are human beings, but they are a completely different race to us blue eyed nords. They have completely different biological features which makes them different to us in countless ways. Unlike nordic man, aboriginal man does not have the intrinsic biological capability to sustain its existence.

The racial elements of aboriginal people are very different and far removed from us blue eyed, blonde haired Nordics. In England and Germany the Nordic bloodlines are somewhat diffused compared to Scandinavia, but they are still incredibly powerful. In northern england, the Nordic blood is probably more concentrated than in some parts of Scandinavia, which is why such a small island like England has had the most powerful pull on world history than al else.

Nordics Are Supreme.

A Beautiful Precious Naturally blonde, blue eyed german woman.

A Beautiful Precious Naturally blonde, blue eyed german woman.

I love it when people attack me because of my views, they throw venom at me trying to dispute my nordicist ideology. Especially Southern Europeans, Italians, Greeks, Macedonians. They can go fuck themselves however, due to the fact that I am entitled to my opinion and they are entitled to theirs. I don’t shove it Down their face, if they don’t like what I say, then don’t read what I say. Put it this way, I believe that nordics, a zoological subspecies of man Indigenous to Scandanavia are a super race, with their blonde hair and blue eyes they have founded glorious empires that rule the world, and nobody else has, period. I am writing a book about it, I know that a lot of people want to read it, and they will be able to soon, but I have been very busy in my life, but I will let people know when my book is available, and they will be able to order it whenever they want, I will probably print about 500 copies to start, and I will probably Make some money, but I don’t care, money is not what I want, I simply want people to realise the truth, that Adolf Hitler was right in his policies and that his political part did nothing but spread the truth, I will see you all soon. Peace. Trent.


What’s going on…….

The profound natural beauty and racial purity of the nordic race will last forever.

The profound natural beauty and racial purity of the nordic race will last forever.

Hello my friends,

I haven’t posted for well over a month, I am sorry about that. I can only hope that the spirit of nordicism and biological racism will last forever, but i truly hope that people are realizing that racial blood purity is the essence of success and freedom, which it is. As for myself, I can say that having survived a murder attempt recently has tried to destroy me but has failed, being stabbed in the chest with a large kitchen knife would probably have either killed me or seriously injured me to the point that I would have needed multiple operations. How did I survive that? We’ll my strength, physically and mentally pulled me through, and my beautiful loving family, but more than anything, my beautiful precious partner, i adore her like a piece of pure Russian gold. Without her I would not have survived physically or mentally. Thanks baby, my life is yours.

I’m currently going through a lot of shit, legal and civil shit, and I am living with my parents and partner in a remote outback town in australia, we are returning to the city soon, my book will be available sometime this year.

peace, lots of love, keep up the fight.


Anti-jewish Public Service Announcement.


The jewish race is a demon spawn in human form, the degree Of misery and starvation that this parasitic species has caused Not only to nordic people, but countless other races as well, is Truly barbaric and mindblowing in terms of it’s astounding malevolence. White males in particular have suffered under jewish tyranny like no Other social group, the filthy hooked nosed monsters have had their Teeth drawn deeply into the roots of European manhood for quite some Time now and have brainwashed European women into thinking that they Are oppressed and that their role in life is to be like men, which goes against Nature, just like the Jews themselves, everything they do goes against normality. The parasite is a serious infection for white nations, and it need be dealt with by The community as a whole, acting in the interests of the entire white community. Trent.

The grip of Jews and the resolve of the nordic race.


I am an optimist by nature, which is quite surprising considering I am a staunch defender of my racial values that I hold so dear to my heart and yet the jewish race so effortlessly pounds with false accusations and lies, concealing the truth as they have always done. But as the toadstool bob dylan( jew name robert Zimmerman ) when he flaunted the jewish-Marxist civil rights movement into the hearts of millions of nordic people across the globe in the 1960s with his pro-Marxist jew agenda of song and lyricism, ‘ the times they are a changin ‘ I feel can now be a little bit reversed, and this parasitic ‘entertainer’ can have those words shoved back down his very own throat. In other words, times are changing, but this time, not for the Jews, but against them, opening the gates to a future of human freedom and happiness not seen since the Germans lost the war trying to free mankind 70 years ago.

What does this mean for me and you? And more importantly, for future generations, I am relatively young, at 25 I could expect my first child at any day, and with that I want my precious offspring, as do all Europeans, to live in a world of opportunity, health, wisdom, freedom and happiness. I am a nordicist, of full British descent, both my families are racially nordic, my real life Norwegian buddy and his family might as we’ll be my own, for we are physically identical. The Scandinavian race must remain pure, as Julius Streicher so fabulously observed(here was a man who is essentially god like in his prophecies against Judaism) that the Jews can only exploit a racially impure people, in other words, if they try and poison the racial purity of the nordic race, which is what they are trying to do, then they can win us over, but if we remain racially pure beings, we can flourish in a world of true freedom.

Germany is a country that I greatly admire, in part because many of my real life friends here in Australia are german and display a degree of European identity that is so intrinsic and biological that just like my race, the English, it is admirable. But also because of the struggle that they have had to endure in their attempt to free mankind from the chains of jewish world domination, which ultimately was a failure, not entirely on their behalf, but because of what they where up against. Might I add that the world right now is at racial boiling point, and the jews are trying as hard as ever to force us all into their unnatural desire for us to become racially in homogenous creatures.